Apple Launched New AirPods 2 with Hands-Free Siri, Wireless Charging

Apple Launched New AirPods 2 with Hands-Free Siri&Wireless Charging:

Apple described its air pod as the world’s most popular wireless headphone and the company’s most favorite product. That does not seem to make a great claim. In any case, these upgrades are more welcome.
In September last year, a Marie feature released by Apple was expected to have new ears earrings for several months.
More recently, with new sensors, surprisingly there are rumors of rapid wireless charging and there is a new element to be better in their ears.

So, what is the truth? Here you must know all.

What are they called?

The new AirPods will be simply called AirPods, as they are now. The first-generation model has now been retired and the new model is all you can buy, though it comes in two versions.

The new AirPods on sale at apple.comApple

When will they go on sale?

They’re on sale now online and will be in store in Apple Stores from next week.

Apple Launched New AirPods 2 with Hands-Free Siri, Wireless Charging

The Apple AirPods “Buy” page on

How much?

The price is $ 159, which is the same as today, although newer airports include a new, more powerful chip. But if you want the wireless charging option then buy the Wireless Charging Case for $ 199. You can buy Wireless Charging Case separately for $ 79, from next week in stores.

Apple Launched New AirPods 2 with Hands-Free Siri, Wireless Charging

Apple AirPods, the new version with an optional new case. It has an LED to show it’s wireless-chargeable.Apple

So, what’s new? Well, there’s a wireless-charging option

The new AirPod is coming in two versions, as is the case of regular charging as before. But you can also choose one that can be capable of wireless charging.
To be honest, this is the least surprising thing, because of this new look, the charging light comes with Teletalk LED, AirPower charging matte was released in September, 2017. That has gone on sale yet but it’s almost here.

Significantly improved talk time

Talk time in new airports will be 50% higher than the first generation version. To drill down a little, there was two hours before the talk, so now it will be three. You can just ramble on and on.

Apple Launched New AirPods 2 with Hands-Free Siri, Wireless Charging

Apple AirPods are now capable of hands-free “Hey, Siri”.Apple

Hands-free “Hey, Siri”
This feature is tipped back in September. You no longer need to touch the earbud to call on Siri. This means that you can change tracks, adjust volume, or ask for directions and keep them in your pocket for a long time.
There are new chips on the board
Even after the hand-hey hey, it was suspected that Siri would need a new and more effective chip. The new chip is called H1, not predicted as W2. It does not seem important, but it really is. A brand-new chip designed specifically for H1 handsets. Chips provide significant power efficiency, thus the airpods are not telling you that “O, seri” battery life without dip.
Quick Connection Times
As well as greater efficiency, fast connection times are committed. This means that the airpods will now switch to the device twice as fast as possible. Apple has said that a phone call audio will be transferred from the iPhone to the AirPod 1.5 times faster.
You may have to carve the charging case, for free.
This is a feature that Apple has previously included in other products, but it’s a new one for AirPods. Available for both the Enrolling Wireless charging case and regular charging cases and free when you check online If you are purchasing its own Wireless Charging case, then ingraving is not available.
Is this a change enough?
New chips promises fast connections, and definitely more effective, promised new talk time, quite calm And wireless charging is a definite improvement. It’s embarrassing, the new matte finish that rumors is not spread, but, hey, it’s something to look for.

Apple Launched New AirPods 2 with Hands-Free Siri&Wireless Charging:

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