apple lunched  new iPad Air and iPad mini in 2019

Apple on Monday quietly announced to Lunched new versions of the iPad Air and iPad mini, the company’s first refresh for those products in years 2019.

An iPad used to be easy to offer. White or black? How much storage do you want? Those were the days. The tablet was a confusing space and brought the iPad transparency. Now, Apple sells five separate iPads, two different connectors and two different Apple pencils.

Generally Apple (AAPL) creates a fanfare near the arrival of new hardware. But this year it wants to focus on its upcoming spring press event focus wants to explore the streaming service. Because of this, the company told the world about the new iPad worldwide.

The iPad Air comes with a big 10.5-inch display (starting at $ 499), and the same 7.9-inch screen (starting at $ 399) for the iPad Mini. For the first time, devices support a processor three times faster than Apple Pencil and earlier models.

The new iPad Air

apple lunched new iPad Air in 2019

The iPad Mini will work mostly as an entertainment device, possibly attracting students and teenagers, the lightweight iPad Air will replace the 10.5-inch iPad Pro.

The iPad does not give a revolutionary experience and probably can not move too much to the needle in terms of sale. However, according to Ben Stanton, a senior analyst at Canalis, they can apply for high-end iPad Pro customers to take some functionality.

“What they did, especially like the iPad Air, Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil, which is used exclusively from iPad Pro,” said Stanton. “Now the iPad has been redesigned with slim bracelets and round edges, its pre-monochrome features can be shrunk to cheap price points, especially Apple’s smart reasons, because it benefits from large-scale content such as smart keyboards and products. Became accessible. ”

apple lunched  new iPad Air and iPad mini in 2019

Apple probably expects to burn the iPad before its spring event on March 25th, which mentions that the company is more open to release non-complicated hardware updates without being so spectacular.

IDC’s senior research analyst Lorraine Guevnov told CNN Business, “Apple wants to get the iPad out of the way so it focuses on the first streaming.” “If Apple announces a new pad, it will turn into a hardware event and is not what it wants.”

Tablet supplies have decreased over the past few years, especially in devices that do not come with the keyboard. “What is the point of having an event for a falling category?” Gwenwer added.

The new iPad mini

apple lunched new iPad mini in 2019

The new iPad mini

Guanware believes that the 10-inch inch iPad Air 11-inch iPad Pro still struggles to find a place in the market considering more powerful options that support pencils. However, a decent amount of iPad mini upgrade can push people.

Guanwier said, “There are certainly markets for the iPad Mini, especially among students and thirteen, but I do not know how much will be the upgrade cycle for this.” I suspect it will be very good for a big upgrade cycle for the rest of the year and then gradually drop off. ”

New apple ipads cost :

The apple iPad Air cost(starting at $499) comes with a bigger 10.5-inch display and the apple  iPad mini(starting at $399). cost has the same 7.9-inch screen .

apple lunched  new iPad Air and iPad mini in 2019


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