Mama June the Reality TV star arrested in Alabama on March

‘Mama June’ the Reality TV star arrested in Alabama on March

Alabama — Reality television star June “Mama June” Shannon was arrested on drug charges.

According to the people, Mama Jun’s boyfriend Eugene Dakk was arrested on March 13 from a gas station in McCon County, where he heard threatening him.

The police arrived and arrested Eugene for domestic help / harassment and took possession of controlled substances and intoxicants. Mama Jun was arrested for possession of controlled substances and drug possession. says there was two leaked cocaine and a crack pipe in criminal accusations.

Both drug trafficking is unlawful disclaimer and brutally convicted.

A spokesman for the McCon County District Attorney’s office said that Mama Jun’s primary hearing was scheduled on 27 March.

Shortly after the arrest, Mother Mama came on Twitter from Twitter on Twitter: a new episode of Mam June: From Not to Hit is a new episode. Before the details of the show, 39 years old apologized for delaying his live tweet.

‘Mama June’ the Reality TV star arrested in Alabama on March

Mama June the Reality TV star arrested in Alabama on March

Mama June’s Family Blames Drug Arrest on Boyfriend Geno Doak

Mama June Shannon’s family blames boyfriend Geno Doak for her recent arrest after an alleged domestic incident.

Near the situation, the source told TMZ at weekends that Shanon’s family was responsible for the arrest of Dawak’s “terrible influence”. The family has stolen its criminal history, including theft, theft and property damage as well as the jail time.

As previously reported, police have been arrested in an Alabama gas station on Wednesday, March 13th after reports of a domestic incident. When the police arrives, both Shannon and Doe get drugs and drugs, among which there is a needle in Shannon’s cocaine and neck pockets.

According to legal documents, during the last week’s internal debate, Doina threatened to kill Shannon. The court ordered him to stay away from Shaon after the incident.

The family is worried that Shannon is not taking recent events seriously, because on Saturday, despite the order to stay away from his girlfriend, Doc was hanged on Saturday after being arrested in Casino. According to TMZ, the family thinks that Shannon’s 13-year-old daughter Allana “honey buo buo” is in an unsafe environment.

Shanan was officially accused of grabbing possession of a controlled substance and may be in jail for one year on corruption charges. There is still a date set for her arraignment.

Door was previously sued for allegations of domestic violence and harassment, as well as for controlling controlled substances and drug abuse.

When police reached the gas station last week, Shanan and Dak was still involved in a war.

While arrested, Dick complains that the officer was told to have a needle on that, “I do not want you to get sticky or nothing.”

Police later searched for SNV that Shanan Malikai claimed, on the complaint of finding white powder, he claimed that the cocaine crack was there.

A few hours after the arrest, a new season from Mom’s June: From Not to Premiere, in which Shannon feared that she was pregnant with a baby boy.

Shannon said, “I think I’m pregnant, I do not know, and his commitment was meant to be stuff.” I mean, hello! We already have eight children. ” “We’re trying to work through now and now, how are we going to manage this one?”

‘Mama June’ the Reality TV star arrested in Alabama on March


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